Castor Seed Meal (High Protein)

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Castor Seed Meal (High Protein)

Moisture : 12% Maximum
Nitrogen : 7.5% to 8% Minimum
Pottassium : 1% Minimum
Phospherous : 1% Minimum
Protein : 50% Approximate
Oil Content : 0.5% Approximate
Sand Silica : 2% Maximum

Free From Live Weevils,Ballcake,Lumps And Admixture Free From Caking And Moulding




Castor Seed Meal is the residue obtained from castor cake by the solvent extraction process. It is one of the most versatile natural manures. It is truly organic manure which enhances the fertility of the soil without causing any damage or decay.

Castor Seed Meal is the most important by-product due to its high nitrogen content, and presently it is predominantly used as an organic fertilizer

The use of Castor Meal to improve yields of agricultural crops and to recycle nutrients is a traditional alternative for disposing of industrial residues, with additional advantages of avoiding some environmental impacts and generating incomes for industries and farms


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