Refined Castor Oil ( First Special Grade)

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Refined Castor Oil ( First Special Grade)

Appearance : Pale Yellow, Viscous, Clear Liquid
Viscocity- Gardner- Holdt : U-V
Moisture, Impurities And Volatile Matter (M.I.V) : 0.25% Maximum
Acid Value : 2.00 KOH mg/g Maximum
Free Fatty Acid As Oleic Acid (F.F.A) : 1% Maximum
Iodine Value : 82-90
Saponification Value : 177-187
Acetyl Value : 139 Minimum
Hydroxil Value : 160-168
Relative Density 15/15.5 c. ; 0.958-0.969
Refractive Index : 1.477-1.481
Unsaponifiable Matter : 1% Maximum
Recinolleic Acid : 85% Minimum
Colour on Lovibond in 5.25’ Cell : Yellow 20.0 Maximum , Red 2.00 Maximum


Refined Castor Oil (F.S.G) is Castor Oil bleached to British Standard Specifications. It is a yellow viscous liquid free from suspended matter and insoluble in water.

Refined Castor Oil (F.S.G) is produced by refining commercial-grade Refined Castor Oil (F.S.G) by undergoing bleaching and filtering processes. Bleaching is done using bleaching earth and activated carbon, which helps to reduce color and Moisture content. It is suitable for its hydroxyl functional groups in various chemical derivatization processes used in the manufacturing of medicinal intermediates & lubricants etc.



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